Things I want my girls to know: The Real World

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From time to time on this blog you will find this series, Things I want my girls to know. My girls are thirteen and seven. They have very different personalities. They have been raised along the guidelines which were set down by my mother, my grandmother, my aunts and my great aunts. 
You’re probably saying to yourself, that’s a lot of female relatives.  I have many, and they are vocal. However my girls have also been raised according to my husband’s beliefs as well.  
I bought a scrapbook for each of them a few years ago. When I bought them I had grand ideas of sitting down and making them each a scrapbook. The scrapbooks have sat at the bottom of my closet. The idea however has been percolating in my mind. 
When I left home I was a sheltered openly vulnerable seventeen, who had never been away from home or family at all. I cried for two weeks, but I was determined to make it on my own, so I pushed forward. I want that for my girls that tenacity, that ability to feel fear and still move forward. 
I wasn’t prepared for what living in a new country and culture would mean. My mother stricken with cancer at the age of thirty two and orphaned at the age of five had been over protective. This is not a criticism. This is a statement of fact. Her upbringing via maiden aunts and her illness drove her need to protect her children with everything inside her.
I too am over protective. I have only let my older daughter attend a sleep over once, and only with  people that I’d gotten to know well. I want my girls to know, that I like my mother before me care about happens to them.  I want to protect them, to shelter them from harm. But, I promise that I will try not to shelter them so much that they have no skills to survive in the real world.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi everybody! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I pretty much achieved everything on my summer to do list with the kids. Everything except Disney. Honestly it was way to hot and grandma turned out to be really busy as well.

We had a good and eventful summer. We made it to Charleston, WV. Atlanta, GA and I took a week and spent celebrated my birthday and my cousins in Chicago, IL. Just the two of us, no kids, no husbands.

Chicago is a cool place, but I live in Florida my poor feet didn’t know what too make of all the walking. I do have to tell you that it did bring to light that I need to get into shape. A friend of mine in ATl is well on her way to getting there. So proud of you Nicki.

Still writing. Just finished plotting my next project. I know you looked at my side bar and want to know what’s happened with Vundracon. It needs re plotting and I’ll get to it I promise. I also promised Myself that since I started this new one I have to finish the rough draft before M&M

I’ve also decided that that was one of the things holding me back. I have a tendency to start on an idea and then for one reason or another get stuck and then I move on to somethingelse. So I”m going to finish what I start. I’ve proven I can do that with Folklore, I can do it again with Psycokinesis(that’s the working title).

So rejoice with me, we now have a budget. I’ve plotted and written a rough draft of a synopsis fo Psycokinesis and have begun to write the rough draft. Folklore is in Query hell and I have other project waiting to be finished.
Figure out whats holding you back from achieving your goals and power through them. That’s my challenge to you. If you feel like drop me a line .

See you later. Hugs, much hugs. Chudney.

Hello out there!

Well first things first happy New Year! yes I know I’m horribly late but honestly I’ve trying to limit the time I spend on the internet. You know the time stealing monster. Which is now worse because I had to get a new laptop, since my old “monster” and yes I do mean monster (It had a 17 inch screen and weighed about 10-15lbs, would just keep freezing on me when I was writing. Thank God for Best Buy having deals every week. Anyway enough gushing about having a laptop that actually works now.
So here are the exciting things that have happened to me so far, my current WIP ( Work in Progress) has been completely torn apart and now I’m in the process of rewriting it. Why? You ask would I do this, well here it is. I attended Robin Perini and Laura Bakers, day long Discovering Story Magic Class, which I had already taken previously online, but because I’m a skulker it didn’t quite have the same impact on me that it did in person. Needless to say, I took a good long hard at my book (which by the way I thought I had already done) with the help of a friend and came to the conclusion that I needed to change a few things.
Ok so the other exciting thing to happen is I signed up for my first conference, so I’ll be attending the Southern lights conference writers conference in March. I’m nervous as hell. And my eight year-old just came home with all A’s whoo-hoo, meanwhile my 2 year-old has been signing the drunken sailor song in school. Did I mention she goes to a Lutheran preschool, Grampa’s in trouble now( Just kidding).
Well Let me know what’s been going on in the world out there.