Last post I promise I took way too many pictures. (unless you want to see the madness of the book fair)
Of course I had to stalk my favorite people Trent Hart!
Love him.

See I was stalking Jeffe Kennedy too!

There’s nothing like running into sexy models on a pub crawl. Where can we see these specimens in the wild you ask? 
On Bourbon Street of course!
Yes. That’s Scott Nova and my buddy Jodi Vaughn.
Shane! I lost his info, if someone knows it please email me.
And Jeremy, Charles was around some where but I didn’t see him.

Got to hang out on a balcony with Kristen Painter and threw beads at passers by.

And totally had a fan girl moment with Kristin Callahan.
Proof, that I was above Bourbon Street.

Really good music.

A busty young lady kept trying to get me to take a shot !

Stopped by Pat O’Briens.
As always my diet included beignets.

Then there was the Samhain Saints and Sinners ball. 
I’m with the lovely Gennita Low.

Danced with my good friend Adrienne Trent.
Ran in to Scott, again.

And the lovely PJ Schndyer 
And the other devil on my shoulder Noelle Pierce.
I took way too many photos and had a ton on fun. I learned a great deal. RT and NOLA I had a blast.