So I mentioned in Monday’s post that I was back from my goddaughter’s christening. What I didn’t tell you was that I had a scary experience on the way there.

First of all I arrived at the airport in Orlando expecting my flight to be on time, only to be told that it was going to be late leaving and that the had me protected on the 5.30 flight to Atlanta. Now I should mention that the flight to Atlanta had just boarded and apparently had used my seat for someone else.

So i sat and wait for my original flight. Which meant that when we finally did leave we were late and I ended up arriving in Detroit five minutes late for my connection to Charleston, West Virginia. Needless to say they had to put me up in a hotel. It wasn’t the Ritz but it did it’s job.

So I arrived early Saturday morning at the airport and discover at my gate that I was at least one of seven who missed their connection to Charleston, WV Friday night. I don’t remember just how many people there ended up being, but for the most part it was a friendly bunch who got on the Delta flight which was operated by Pinnacle.

The Plane was deiced and we headed to the runway. Everything seemed fine until we got in the in air and smoke filled the cabin. We were told we were turning around and would perform an evacuation on the the tarmac. We were to grab our coats and leave everything else behind.

Let me tell you there is nothing like seeing smoke in the interior of a plane while you’re in the air. the prayer began immediately. Strangely enough I was calm, not calm in the this will be OK way. But the, if this is it then it’s ok calm, though I did ask my maker if I could live to see my grand kids. After all aren’t you supposed to bargain with God at a time like that.

We made it and though we were cold on the tarmac and even in the fire rescue vehicle where they put us so we could wait for the bus to arrive, I was and am glad to be alive. I made it to Charleston, at three in the afternoon. Yes I still got on a plane. One gentleman bugged out and drove the eight hours from Detroit. But I figured if my time was up it wouldn’t matter where I was so I was jumping on a plane and wishing for the best.

I got to see my adorable godchildren. Yes I have more than one, and they are siblings. MY friend and sister of the heart Melissa and her husband Damian. My godparents who I haven’t seen in awhile. It was worth the aggravation and fear. Now hopefully I can use this experience to my advantage.