I’m back from the funeral. School started on Monday for the girls and for the next two weeks at least I’m working full time. Getting adjusted to a new rhythm has proven difficult. At least for myself and my husband. strangely enough the girls seem to be adapting to their own.

The eldest is in middle school, a tween with all of the tween issues. We’re definitely going to have to get an appointment for braces and the chiropractor for her.

The little one has lost a tooth and it seems a second tooth has become wiggly. Now grandma has gotten her her very own. purple pouch to put the tooth in when it comes out.

I’m still attempting to juggle clothing and feeding them both in addition to the man, who admittedly cooks dinner at least half of the time. So it’s back to out regularly scheduled program, there fore I leave you with the video I meant to post on Monday. Pink Floyd’s – Another Brick in the Wall