I grew up in a place where cooler temperatures on Christmas day wasn’t the norm. Where you got fewer gifts because there were so many people to buy for, so you appreciated the gifts you got.

Where seeing the family meant they all showed up at the same house. You spent hours drinking sorrel and eating the food all the women had prepared while everyone discussed politics, religion and told stories of days gone by or jokes.

I have fond memories of taking a nap after lunch, four across the bed. Playing cricket and or soccer in the yard. waiting for one of my aunts to announce the we the younger ones were needed to serve the older set. Because that meant it was time for tea, even though we were quite annoyed at the time.

Auntie Patsy’s black cake with Auntie Slyvia’s custard. Brandied fruit and a glass of sherry. Earl Grey poured out of Aunt Suzie’s Silver teapots. Granny and Grandpa listening and soaking every word said by their children and grandchildren, then quietly making some comment that would stun us all and then send us into the gales of laughter.

Listening to Parang and waiting for the carolers to show up to the house. I miss those days when we were all in the same place. But now we’re spread far and wide. We don’t’ get to talk often enough and everyone has their own family.

So to everyone out there Christmas is coming. Remember to send out your cards. They sparks fond memories of times past.

Oh and Will you sparked this memory:

Christmas is coming,
The geese are getting fat,
Please put a penny
In the old man’s hat.

If you haven’t got a penny,
A ha’penny will do,
If you haven’t got a ha’penny,
Then God bless you.