So I’m now helping out the 11 year-old with her creative writing extra credit project. Because that’s what it called for now. Because surprise, surprise, like us adults the kiddies have a hard time coming up with titles. And like us adults in the  she has no idea why she’s supposed to edit. Now I don’t use the term edit with her because when I was ranting and raving about my own work she looked at me in confusion whenever I mentioned the word edit.

Let me just say she knows what a synopsis is and a first draft as well because they teach them that in school. But I think their version of editing is looking for spelling errors. Which is fine. But my daughter lives in her own world and when I read the story, I could tell that half of it was stuck in that world. So now I’m trying to gently ask her questions about her story to see if she’ll put them down.

Or do you think I’m being a crazy writer mom?

PS My friend Jeffe Wrote these two post Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket Which I was stuck on for a while and when I went back there was  Lamy llamas and falling stars Which I’d missed because I’d been caught up thinking about the other one. (I was also the awkward girl growing up.)