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The only thing that was to be stressful for this week was supposed to be Turkey day Prep. Turns out my car had other ideas. Fortunately it decided that it would be best to die in the parking lot outside of work. Which led to my hubby and his friend standing around and staring into the bowels of the car while another friend of mine and my mother in law discovered that we were all members of the expired triple A club. 

So now we have the in-laws uber van. With all the bells and whistles while we find a car that suits us at the price that won’t make our wallets cry too much.

All in all Bessy had given us her all. She’d served the family faithfully for 13 years and we can’t really complain, but I’d have liked at least another year.  Any way have I mentioned how thankful for my in-laws. They rescued me last night and I seriously believe in staying positive so,

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