This weekend  Japan was the victim of Earthquakes, tsunami’s and erupting Volcano’s. It seems like there is just one big disaster after another recently. Australia New Zealand and Hati have all suffered. The images that poured forth on the news were frightening, moving and numbing to say the least. I pray that the people in these areas of crisis will be able to rebuild their lives.

In between watching the news and scanning the internet our family was busy fixing up our house and garden. The fan I had in my garage for a couple of months was installed, my husband and his dad built his raised flower beds and I worked on collage’s while the little one worked on her own artwork. The not so little one was being a tween in her bedroom. Though she did come out side for a while. After all this upheaval in the world i was supremely happy to be with my family on a busy Sunday.

PS. I’ve worked out, just not everyday, though I’m getting there and I am writing, though this portion of the book seems to be stubborn. Also I’m working on the negativity though it takes a nudge or two from the hubby sometimes.

 I leave you with some of the work I did on Saturday. Have a wonderful day !