So in the midst of me trying to finish my paranormal. My husband has introduced guitar hero into the house. Not just regular Guitar hero , Metallica.
Now to be fair he’s been playing the other over at my neighbors house since Geno (that’s my neighbor) got it.
So in order to get some peace because he’s been bugging me to try it. I picked up the guitar. that and to prove to my very gun shy nine year old that trying new things is a good for you.
Which mean what? My eyes get all scrambled trying to follow the notes and I now have a need to conquer the damned thing. My husband once said i wasn’t competitive enough. This because i refused to play spoons with him and his family. I’m sorry but when you see some of the claws that come out with the aggression a smart woman keeps her hands out of that pile.
I’m competitive I just choose when to be. Ok so I’m rambling but hey, my ie year old tired something new.