OK so Labor day through me for a loop. I wasn’t feeling so well but we went camping anyway. It was a an exercise in marital cooperation.

We set up at tent that we used once, before we Alexandra. She is now six.

I let the hubby take care of the food which resulted in me missing my organic white cheddar cheetos and the only semi argument we had.

We went hiking through the woods and jumped a creek.

We packed the tent up and got it back into it’s case.

And in the end I decided that we should go camping more often.

Now for that lesson from the Golf cart.

Part of my routine is picking up specific mail from different buildings and one of those buildings requires me to execute a three point turn with said golf cart. Now there was a student who needed to pass just as I was trying to do so.

Soooo I let him pass. He spoke to me just as he was behind me, to tell me not to knock him down. So I said I promise not to, thinking he was joking. He then replied that he would sue me. Now I couldn’t reply what I wanted to so I simply wished him luck with that venture and drove off.

Take from this what you will, but this is the type of behavior that I’ve been seeing over and over again from young and old alike.