So as I write this my skin is crawling still hours later. Why? you ask. Well outside of my local Panera there is a Tree which is pretty close to the building itself. That’s not the problem it’s what lives in the tree that’s the problem. Caterpillars. Hundreds of them. they live on the wall, on the tree and then attempted to climb up on my car. That didn’t end well for them.

I’m not a squeamish chick, well most of the time but those things were gross and trying to hitch a ride on my car so they could eat my lovely rose bushes is a no no. So i felt no remorse about driving off and squishing a few.

And then since my hubby had managed to get the plants for our garden in the ground I was doubly happy i’d squished them…

that is until I was Driving alone to the post office and discovered there was one in my car. I wonder do lizards eat caterpillars because I have a few living on my back porch. Meet the tiny dinosaurs that live there.

He certainly looks like he could take them on.