I’m sitting here filled with turkey, my kitchen is filled with left over food, and I have to say I’ve had a pretty good day. I haven’t called all the family I should have , but I’ll catch up on that tomorrow, as well as get back to my manuscript.
It’s funny I had absolutely no idea when I was younger that I’d end up in the city of the mouse, married with two children. I never thought that I’d write either, never mind the fact that I was always rewriting stories in my head or just making up my own. I always thought I’d be back home helping my father and mother run their business.
Life however had other things in mind for me. now I’m not saying some of the choices I made didn’t change my path, but now as I look back I think it was better for me to get out of the shadow of my father’s wing. My mother is gone, has been for eight years now. At the very least she got to see her first grandchild.
Today I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to try my own wings and to be anonymous, which enabled me to grow as a person. It’s a good thing, to change, grow and learn that you can stand on your own two feet. It might be scary but in the end, like milk, “it does a body good”.