First let me say It was our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We had a relaxing day watched a movie and cracked open a bottle of champagne. It was wonderful.

Relationships are horribly complex, take for instance friendship, I have a few very close friends from high school and while some of us would hesitate to say we are cliquish honestly we might be.

Here’s my question is it just that as you get older you tend to be less open to making new friends?

I know that i tend to be a bit wary sometimes when I meet some one new, though i also rely on my gut feeling. For all you West Indian folks out there you know what i mean when i say that my spirit either takes you or it doesn’t.

Though sometimes I push past that,I try to always keep it in mind that someone once thought I was a bit standoffish and decided that I was stuck up, after meeting the first time. We’ve since become friends.

I’m off to tuck the girls into bed I’ll continue this train of thought tomorrow.