My goals for this upcoming year are pretty much the same as last year. The big goal to get a publishing contract.

The goals required to meet this goal to finish the books I have running around my head. Psychokinesis had a huge plot hole that has lead to a rewrite. I took a break from it to write a short story which will be finished soon. Then I have to write Mike’s story (from Psychokinesis) and then there’s an idea that’s been running around my head for the past month that I have to flesh out and get a first draft written.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it. Well I’m not going to think that way this year. This year I’m going to tackle one project at a time. Oh and I’ve got to get my website up. It’s half finished.

On the personal front well, lets just say there’s a matter sitting in limbo that needs to be resolved and the quicker the better.

Besides that I’m putting a lot of time in with my girls and my hubby. I’ve resolved to spend more time with them. I can’t do the running around that I used to.

See I used to put a lot of energy into making sure I was in contact with everybody. That nobody felt unloved. The truth is it takes huge amounts of energy. Energy I need if I’m going to achieve all my goals.

Then there’s also health issues to deal with. I’m to meet with a surgeon soon. Scary right. I’ve got a family history of breast cancer. My mother to be specific. It’s time to be proactive, not reactive. This doesn’t mean I have breast cancer, I don’t. It just means that my doctor and I just want the surgeon to take a look.

Though having cancer of any kind is my boogeyman.

So this next year is all about facing fear, doing the right thing for me, fiscal responsibility(Which was what last year and the year before was about) and pursuing my dreams. All while taking care of my family and supporting my husband in his quest to be fit and following his dreams.