I’m a panster. Or more accurately I’m somewhere between a panster and plotter. I think my stories through, but unless i want to end up stuck, I write it as it comes. I could have just thought about where I want it to go and honestly it might take another direction.

I’m like that with blogging too.

I’m totally a panster when it comes to blogging. Except for my New series on things i want my girls to know and the Guest blogs once a month I generally have no idea what I’m going to blog about. Sometimes I get lucky and I get an idea that morphs into two or three blog post.

Usually though, it something that has happened in the course of my day/week that triggers an idea. It percolates and the night before the post needs to go up I find myself writing and editing. Which leads me to last Saturday night.

Yep I wrote a post which I intended to title Here be Dragons. I had such a blinding headache while I wrote my blog that I ended up titling it, wait for it, Where be the Dragons?

Still cute but different feel. I obviously didn’t notice it until the post had already gone up. It could have been worse. So now you know.