Hey there.

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. Here’s the thing, I’ve been writing. working on my new paranormal romance. My heroine Darcelle, is a woman going through changes.

What do you do when you become the thing you fear the most? What happens when you fall for your rival?

Poor Darcelle she has so much to deal with. After reading Rachel Gardener’s post about making sure your character is proactive and not reactive I’ve been re-thinking Darcelle.

Oh well back to work.

PS. I’ve had a few things pop up in my personal life lately one on which was identity theft. The theft of my identity. And the other well We’ll just say I wish it would be over and done with.

On the bright side my babies turned 4 and 10 respectively. They’re growing up and hopefully I doing a good job.