This past week meant that a dear friend left the day job for another position half way across town, which meant a happy hour and then mini golf with the hubby and our friends significant other. The guys of course prevailed though it was close. It was a great way to kick off a long lazy weekend.

We spent one day out at the man’s parents new digs “The Farm” where the elder kidlet learned to drive the new lawn mower. She’s a cautious child and only thirteen, but I figure this is a good way to build her confidence for three years from now when she has to drive a car. (Yes I’m thinking about this now)

Sunday was spent on the couch and then I visited a friend for tea. And Monday was all about the Settlers of Catan and making art out of things laying around the old house for the new one. My sister in law is a genius at this, have I ever mentioned that?

Don’t have canvas? Wait she’s got fabric. Don’t have Acrylic paint, she burrows into the kids art box and comes out with water paints. But what there’s more did you want a leaf out line? Let’s get some leaves and some spray paint from the hardware store and Voila art for “The Farm”.