I’ve never spent any time alone at Disney or any one of the other parks. Lets face it if you’re going to the Parks you’re going with someone else.   The day job, gave me that opportunity this weekend.  I get to show international students around Central Florida; and where do international students like to go? You got it. Any theme park.

This weeks selection Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Why because it is the most adult of the parks and the Osbourne family lights of course. Now I have to say that a co-worker was there for part of the day with me, but after she left and since the students had dispersed. I. Was. Alone.

Yep so what’s girl to do. I had hours to kill and a hurt back. That ruled out The Tower of Terror and the Rocking Roller Coaster. So I made my way back to Toy Story. Hey it’s fun! 3D and I get to shoot stuff. The wait was an hour long, but since I was alone and had hours to kill, that wasn’t a problem to me.

Waiting in line by yourself if you don’t have an active imagination or aren’t used to using the powers of observation must be torturous. I listened to two guys behind me complain about the wait,while also plotting ways to show a former girlfriend how she’d lost out.

As far as I could tell it involved, making millions, wearing a Hugo Boss suit and accidentally meeting her when she had a baby. It was important to the dumped one (The shorter of the two) that he meet her when she was pushing the stroller, while wearing the Hugo Boss suit. When this event occurred, he would smile, compliment her on her baby and suggest that they meet up sometime. At which point if she hadn’t already, she would realize the mistake she’d made.

I was hard pressed not to snicker. I controlled myself, because what’s the fun in having to wait inline if you can’t listen in on other peoples conversations. Now mind you these guys were not unattractive just obnoxious, because as soon as this particular conversation ended they noticed that, I was by myself.

Which meant that the taller one bumped into me at least twice in an attempt to see my face and the shorter one decided that positioning himself in my line of sight whenever it was possible was a good idea. Needeless to say I kept my eyes unfocused.

Which led to the other interesting thing that happened in line. The cast members were momentarily startled when I announced that I was a party of one. There was a quick  blink, a nod of the head and then it was business as usual.

Then there was the fact that I was childless. It gave me a chance to observe the parents in the crowd. Parents who looked tired but determined to get the most out of every penny they spent in the effort to get here. Parents with tired screaming children in tow. Long suffering parents with well behaved children in the lead. Parents waiting while the other parent grabbed a frozen margarita or some other alcoholic beverage at the first sign of the bar opening late in the day. ( not judging)

I saw what I looked like at any given point in the day. Then the lights came on and I missed my family, because there is one thing being alone in the park doesn’t give you, that moment when you’re all together looking up at a magnificent display and you feel closer than you have all day.

My students got that, and for that I’m happy.