So the baking didn’t happen on Tuesday as planned. It’s just hard to coordinate with someone who lives in a completely different country and is six hours ahead of you. Though honestly I just need a better speaker phone, and more time. my cousin is guilty however of eating most of her maraschino Cherries,( Which were soaked in rum and red wine) so we’ll have to give her a couple of days.
So, what did I do instead you ask; well I had tea with a new friend, whom I had invited over to view the baking process. ( For all the info you ever wanted on tea start here: ) Don’t you just love Wikipedia? I grew up in a former British colony were tea is major part of life, and memories of Sunday tea at my aunt Patsy’s house, where her mahogany table had been polished to a shine and a tea cloth put on it while, cookies and scones and fresh baked bread, shared the spotlight with a large fruit cake and the Earl Grey tea . For us it was a time to gather as a family and to slowdown at least enough to enjoy if not a meal then a break. Which brings me back to yesterday it was good to sit down and talk and enjoy a cup of tea, poured from my mother’s tea pot, with someone who enjoyed it as much as I did.
Here’s my question to you:
When was the last time you took time out for something you really enjoyed? and What was it?