Sorry for the blog silence, but on Memorial day it just seemed right. After all it wasn’t a day about me, it was a day of remembrance. Not just a day off. But a day to remember those who have fought and died in the service of this country.
But seriously I did want to talk to you about blog silence. To me it is the Internets version of  dead air. The reasons for blog silence are many and varied. And can come down to not being able to find subjects worth writing about. ( As I read this back I realize my phrasing is that of an old professor of mine, shudder)

I have a friend that has all sorts of interesting things that run through her mind. She always has the most interesting topics, yet she’s said to me on numerous occasions that she feels like she’s running out of things to say.

Another person I know stopped her blog for a while because she felt overwhelmed by social media. That there was just too much going on and they couldn’t keep up with it. 

I my friends have had silence on my website. My fault, my dead air which I intend to remedy this week.

So my question to you is this, does blog silence lead you to never visit that blog/website again?