I’m a lurker.
Yes, I lurk on the blogs I follow. Occasionally I pop up and make a comment on something I find interesting but not always. Sometimes I come across something that’s so thought provoking or beautiful that I can’t comment. (See Holly’s Blog).
The point is that more people than you expect actually read what you have to say or the pictures you post and appreciate what you’ve done. In the end the only thing they leave is a number on your counter or info on your analytics page.

That being said. It’s been a rough week for myself and my family. My cousin has been gravely ill. He still is sick, but is getting better.
I can’t imagine a world without my Eddiemundo. My little cousin who’s six foot something. In my head he’s stuck at three year old. Chubby and inquisitive. A sweet little rascal who turned into a man.
A man who knows his own mind. Who is steady, determined and focused. With a smile. Well, what a smile.
We love you Eddiemundo!