To continue my what do I do for fun post:
I realized something the other day in a rare conversation with the elder offspring. Her education is sadly lacking. (She’s Honor Roll and Honor Society, bragging a little here don’t mind me) She and the little one hadn’t seen many of the movies or read many of the books that shaped our childhoods.
So in an effort to spend more time with the offspring and broaden their horizons, as the older one is now firmly entrenched in the teenage habit of sequestering herself in her room. The man and I have been choosing what we consider classic movies and sharing them with the kidlets. Here are some of the movies we’ve already covered.

  1. The Sound of Music
  2. Conan The Barbarian
  3. Red Sonja
  4. Footloose
  5. Goonies 
  6. The Wizard of Oz
  7. Star Wars (the entire series)
  8. Snow White
  9. Beauty and the Beast
  10. Aladdin
  11. Cinderella
  12. Forest Gump
  13. Empire of the Sun
These are only the beginning of the list. I will have to update this list as I figure out what they’ve watched and what I want them to watch next.