Falling on ice.

I don’t have any pics up , but I will eventually. On Wednesday I tried something new, I ice skated for the very first time in my life. UCF has a skating rink, so my Mother-in-law and I took the girls out.
First of all with in a few minutes even though it had been 25 years my Mother-in-law remembered how to skate and only fell once because my eldest pulled her down.
I on the other hand split my time between making sure my little one didn’t fall while holding on to the side, and attempting to skate myself.
I fell twice but at the end I was extremely pleased that not only did i try something new and unfamiliar but so did my girls. My mother in law had tons of fun by the way. I think most of the time we’re so busy being adults that we forget to have fun.
So here’s my question:
What would you like to try, and why?

3 Responses to Falling on ice.

  • Tough question for me because I’m a born chicken. I think skydiving would be a blast but there’s no way I’d ever do it!

  • Ice skating! The last time I did it was about 8-10 years ago! I didn’t know UCF had a rink, way cool. I used to be a speed skater as a kid and I dreamed of being a professional ice skater, but being in such a large family it was hard for my mom to make that commitment to getting me in classes regularly. Oh well, it was fun and painful on the toosh!

  • Ooh, that’s cool. I didn’t know UCF had a rink. Totally taking my hubby now 🙂

    Hmmm, I really want to try kitesurfing. I used to windsurf, but I never actually tried kitesurfing and it’s one of my goals before I turn 30!

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