Attack of the Squirrel!

As I went to my office today holding a pot of coffee (don't judge me!), I
unlocked my door and staring at me, perched on one of my chairs was
a little squirrel. Poor thing was terrified and must have been trapped
in there for the weekend.

I placed the pot of coffee down, talked to it in my most soothing voice
(didn't help much) and backed away while he started to spazz out.
I told everyone else to stay in the offices and closed their doors so
I could try to chase him down the hall and out the main door. Of course,
everyone decided to come over and look at the squirrel so he continued to
freak out and started running head first into my window. I tried to shoo him
out my door towards freedom but people kept coming over for a look making
him either hide under my desk, climb up my book case, or head butt the
window. Sometimes he would do all three in a circular route.

I finally cleared the numskulls out of the way and was able to escort him out the
building. Poor thing looked his chest was about to explode from all the

This is actually the second time I've seen a squirrel in my office. The first
time he just poked his head down from a hole in the ceiling and after seeing
me ran away (sounded like someone was pulling cable in the ceiling). This
time the bugger must have fallen. He will have a lot of bruises in the morning.
He was a little pinball of fur.

He also shredded the top of one of my chairs. It was against the window so
maybe he was trying to scratch his way out. He'll have some stories to tell
his friends...