Hi everybody! We finally have lovely weather. Not too hot. Not too cool. It’s Florida so I’m sure that’ll change sometime soon. But, for now, it’s pleasant and we’re outside enjoying it.

Last month I happily received the news that my Goal Setting Workshop has been accepted for this years Moonlight and Magnolias Conference, in Atlanta Georgia.

I’ve been fortunate to have presented it in Jacksonville and I’ll be presenting this workshop again next month at my local Chapter CFRWA.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the encouragement and support of my fellow RWA members and chapter mates. What I can say is this; whatever you do, what ever you want to do, find your tribe.

That group comprised of people who get you, who care about you and who support you. These are the people who will get you through those rough patches or give you an extra push when needed to keep you going.