Life is a cycle. 

One minute you can be riding the high of finishing a 5K and scoring a seat at your favorite restaurant to eat brunch in all sweaty and exhausted from your high speed walk (no running was involved on this journey) After having devoured a delicious breakfast in the company of one of your two sisters-in-law, indulging in good conversation. Basking in the knowledge that you got up and accomplished something on your goal list before most people woke up, in the damp and cold at that.

And, as you walk back to the car buoyed by accomplishment and good will. You can get the phone call that throws your life into a tails spin. As you cover your ear and ask your father to repeat the horrible news. A friendly greeting from a bright and bubbly woman can  cause a welling of anger and rage which quickly squelch as you recognize the reaction is completely out of place.
We lost my sister in law Sheina. My brother’s wife. My nephew’s Mother. In the blink of an eye she was gone. And I had to get home. It is in times like this my family comes together. For funerals and weddings, our far flung independent family will converge on the suffering or celebrating family in order to offer support. To mourn or celebrate. Or if only to be close by. 
The need to get home, to be close to those whom I love was constant and driving. It didn’t matter. I was was going home. And I got home.  I saw my family. I grieved with my brother and I held my nephews when I could and at least kissed the baby since he didn’t know me. 
And I sat on my porch and saw this view and let the truth of it sink in.
Life is short. It is a cycle. There is no sadness without happiness. There is no laughter without tears. Grab life by the horns while you can because you don’t know when your ride will be over. 
The trip home, brought me in touch with old friends and family and reminded me that there are always people out there who love you. People who want the best for you, but just like you they get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.
So when I got back and I had Coastal Magic Con on my schedule. I decided to embrace the full experience with all my emotional ups and downs. 

Life is a cycle. You can’t stay down in the doldrums. You have to ride the wave and come out on the other side.