I was watching Dancing with the stars the other night and their theme was “The most memorable year of your life.”

It got me to thinking about my most memorable years.

  • 1982- my baby brother (now 6ft tall, soon to be thirty and married with kids) was born
    • I have a vivid memory of buying my mother wrigleys chewing gum at the hospital gift shop and watching him bawling at the top of his lungs through the nursery glass.
  • 1986- Traveling with my dad and brother to Canada
    • My mom was there because of her breast cancer. We stopped in Barbados and stayed with my uncle Earl and his family over night. The first time I remember meeting my cousin Tami.
  • 1989-Despite everyone telling me I was too young I passed the common entrance exam. Which much to my father’s chagrin meant he had to take me to Disney
  • 1990 I entered my Alma Mater St.Vincent Girls High School
    • I followed in the footsteps of my Aunt Patsy, my mother and several cousins.
  • 1992-Had my first and only boy, girl party.
    • My mother couldn’t handle it and I couldn’t handle my mother freaking out.

There are many more but I figure I’ll leave you with the early years. What was your most memorable year/years?