Last Friday was the beginning of the kids spring break and so I took the day off. First off I’d originally thought of the beach, but then I decided to take them down to the Orlando Museum of Art. Only, we never made it there.  See if I’m going to head into Winter Park then I have to eat at one of the lovely restaurants and since my favorite meal is brunch, this time it was the Briar Patch.

The little kidlet’s face after spotting here sister’s blueberry pancakes.  Never mind she had chocolate chip pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes!

Someone’s happy about pancakes.

We spotted this fierce Dragon in one of the tents. I forgot to grab a card 🙁

And this handcrafted bowl Kira wanted for her room. Which led to a conversation with the little kidlet about why art cost so much. Breaking it down to an eight year old means telling her that it takes a lot of time and work to create a piece of art.

Both kidlets wanted to walk through the rose garden. we discovered this rose, which brought back memories of my mother and her garden.

In the Rose Garden. It was too crowded to take a picture with the garden in the background.

If I didn’t have to worry about things breaking and price I would totally get these colorfu l pieces.
This lovely lady answered all of our questions and showed us her beautiful pieces of woven metal jewelery.
We wandered around some more and discovered artwork that both the girls wanted to own. So here they are with the artist Leslie Peebles.
Cause mommy needed a picture with her babies, and no I didn’t give them Beer or Wine.
The kidlets had to go check out the wildlife before we left.
Giant Koi!