So who would have thought that I would have followed up Christiane Amanpour with Heavy D. Well no one. I was watching reruns of Bones and low and behold there was Heavy D as Sid the manager and owner  and Bartender of the restaurant Brennan and Booth frequent.

Then I began to question where he was now. And I learned a few things.
Heavy D is: Jamaican ( Had no clue he was)
                  He has a reggae album out.
                  He was in “Cider House Rules”

I have fond memories of Heavy D. Especially of Heavy D and the Boyz, it takes me back to high school. I wonder if you can figure out who’ll be featured on Music Mondays?
PS I’ll be sticking to this schedule as much as possible. Music Mondays. Wednesday, will be my free for all post and Friday’s will be my People of interest. Occasionally I’ll link to a blog I follow so you can see what interests me and I’ll take suggestions on any of these.