Welcome to the world of Ficiton.
People want the nitty gritty. The down and dirty about how people interact with others and with themselves. They want to see people like themselves. They want to hate the villian and be shocked the person they thought was the villian wasn’t. They want characters to be redeemed and the hero’s to act heroically.

It’s why books and movies thrive we are on a never ending quest to see all the things we think we notce in our own lives and don’t dare mention, thrown onto the page or screen.

People want to be sucked into a world where it is safe to love and to hate. A place where they can feel without the fear of discovery. Without the consequences fo the ordinary world.

It’s why I love “The Last of The Mohicans” I can follow Hawkeye and Cora and not feel the sting of an arrow or the disapproval of her father. But I can empathize and when I put down the book it’s all over it wasn’t me. But for a while I was in another world, another time. Seeing their world their relationships between themselves and others.

A good story sparks curiosity, a good story is reread time and time again. It reaches in and pulls us out of ourselves.