So what do these things have in common. Me!

I admit it I like pretty things. However sometimes pretty things aren’t always comfortable. This weekend I opted to buy a pair of cute Jessica Simpson shoes for a wedding. Why? you ask, well the nude shoes I own have ankle straps.

One of those ankle straps went missing and I have no idea where to get a replacement. So I bought another cute pair thinking that I was going to a wedding I wouldn’t have to walk. Yeahhh about that. The wedding was at Disney. There was much walking involved and it was hot.

Yet I manged to dance in them!

That’s me in the Orange doing the Cha Cha slide with Mickey  

So what do lizards have anything to do with anything? Well:

This is what greets me every morning when I leave my house. It’s a bit ridiculous really. They give me the evil eye as I walk over them on the way to my car. It’s not like i want to witness their attempt at procreation, but they’ve chosen my walk way every morning for the past three mornings to have their sport.

I joked that the male should be careful because he might throw his back out. Well I threw mine out sneezing later. So I guess the evil eye works.