It’s been an interesting week in publishing. Angela James has signed on with Harlequin’s digital publishing arm, Carina Press. Harlequin has a self publishing branch which has lead to them losing their eligible publisher status with RWA. I wonder just how many phone calls and emails they got from their authors over that.

Anywho it just occurred to me that my children won’t ever be able to rebel. You’re laughing now. But you see I like all types of music so they are not going to be able to annoy me with it. And I keep current as well. Plus I’m the type to pick apart music and movies in an effort to understand what message is trying to be conveyed.

As for clothing, as long as you’re decently covered and it’s appropriate to the situation you can leave the house. So if one wants to go goth to a wedding it better be goth wedding appropriate.

So you see I think they are going to be pretty confused come the angst ridden teenager years.

PS as to the RWA vs Harlequin thing I’m just sitting back and watching.