I think I’ve done a post like this before, but since I’m really bad about tagging it would take too long to find it. (Thus begins my quest to tag ever post I’ve written)

Ten things you didn’t know about me:
1) I was a radio DJ ( it was during college at my family’s station and I was awesome)

2) I half believe in ghosts and spirits. (Too many Jumbie stories from Gran Gran when I was younger)

3) At one point I almost had my Ham Radio license. (Then I left for college and I forgot all about it)

4) I had exactly one goat and one sheep. ( The goat died of a disease and the sheep had to go back to my great aunt Eddie’s because  the dogs wouldn’t leave it alone.)

5) I watched my grandmother kill a chicken for dinner.

6)I routinely stole my daddy’s pajero (think Toyota Montero compltete with brush guard and roll guard)when I was 15 ( I only drove it up and down the neigbourhood, he found out about that when I was 21)

7)I have never been scuba diving. ( Even though I lived on an island and could have gotten certified at any time. I suspect this had something to do with my mother not being able to swim)

8)I was a Barbie officianado. (Yes I was momentarily a girly girl)

9) I played tennis everyday for years and then stopped in college. ( Miss it like you wouldn’t believe.)

10) Always wished I had insisted on dance classes. ( I would have been an excellent dancer, maybe)


Something I think we all need to hear!