Totally random topic, right?

I tried sending this Photo out with a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone apparently it never  went out.

Our Thanksgiving was a small laid back affair with a large bird, that still has us days later trying to get rid of turkey. Please let this be the last of it…. My husband will soon be out hunting boar and if all goes well he comes back in one piece, with boar to be frozen. Have I mentioned my freezer is small?

So what do ducks have to do with Thanksgiving? Well to be honest it nothing really except on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The husband wandered down to the parents lake and discovered a number of ducks in the lake a few of which were extremely tame.

So tame in fact that they followed him around at the dock. The white one acted like a dog almost. Panting and wagging its tail frantically. It was really amusing and semi disturbing to watch. (I’ve never met a tame duck, until Sunday). In fact it had no problem getting upclose and personal with me.

See its crest? I was squatting down to take it’s picture, when it wandered up to be petted.