Ok so I really haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days. And so while I feel better it’s time for me to make up for my non existent post. Pretty much here’s what’s been happening.

My brother came to visit with his family, which included my mini-sumo wrestler. But I couldn’t talk about it, on the off chance that his mother in law was lurking on facebook and would see me talking about it. And since they were trying to surprise her it was a no go for me. I’m still waiting for authorization to post pics.

Then through the haze of NyQuil I discovered the Far East Movement ‘s like a G6 cannot be embedded. Which sucks since I wanted to post it on Music Monday. Ok so apparently it was the haze of NYQUIL that prevented me from embedding it. : ) Now picture my eleven and five year old singing Like a cheese stick, the one time they heard it.

Though it’s true I can’t embed Fat Boy Slim’s weapon of Choice, featuring Christopher Walken. Ok so I’m going to break down the lyrics to both these songs because after listening to them, well i have to. See you on Friday.