It’s been a busy couple of Months. I’ve :

1) Judged for two contest, still judging for the third.

2)been busy raising my kids.

3)been busy raising my DH (just kidding).

4) Went down south to deal with a family emergency. [British relative had to be Medivaced into Miami from the caribbean. They ended up spending two weeks getting my uncle in shape to make the ten hour flight back home to London. I spent a few days just making sure they could get around.]

5) Finally kicked it in gear with the writing . I’m almost done.

6) Finally decided that yes I will be going back for my masters. That also means I have to do the dreaded GRE.

7) By the way 5 and 6 mean that I’ve been looking at my life plan. Yes I’m a writer, Yes I will be published [at some point] so I must look at my life and organize it accordingly.

It’s been busy and crazy but I’m working on balancing my life. I say that as I watch all the balls I juggle, hoping that none of them drop.