That question was posed to me by a dear friend of mine over dinner. It stopped me in my tracks.
What did I do for fun? I had fun. But I couldn’t remember the last time I actively went out and sought out fun.
So I sat down and made a list:

What do I do for Fun?
  • Archery- This is fairly new, got my bow for Christmas
  • Shooting
  • Running- running my first 5k of the year in two weeks
  • Watch TV- Love me some Archer
  • Music- from Bach to Metallica to Soca. I love it all
  • Camping – Two night max and a clean porta potty a must.
  • Reading – Anything that strikes my fancy Fiction- Biographies- Self Help it’s all good
  • Eating out- Brunch, Lunch and occasionally Dinner (it’s expensive for a writer on a budget)
  • Hanging out with my friends- Whether it be the nerd herd, the writing crew or my ride or die posse from high school (it’s like 5 of us on Skype). 
  • Hanging out with my family
  • Tennis- it’s been years but I figure if I say it enjoy it I’ll eventually get back to it. 
  • Writing- It’s the Editing that’s a Bitch!

 What do you do for fun?