Yet another night in the hospital!

Ok , So The hubby has to stay another night at 1am the neurologist requested another MRI ( C Spine) . I didn’t get to the hospital until 9am this morning I didn’t leave until 5.30 pm and It still wasn’t done, until about an hour or so later. The neurologist doesn’t there until 11pm tonight. So I’m guessing that the hubby will probably not be released until tomorrow sometime. that being said they still don’t seem sure about what happened. But for all of you out there who care. Thank you!

3 Responses to Yet another night in the hospital!

  • Hang in there, Chudney!

  • Hey Girl…tried calling you this evening after work, but you were probably still at the hospital. Call me whenever if you need anything or just want to talk.

  • Hi – leaving this as a show of solidarity…hope Josh will be ok and the girls aren’t missing him too much – don’t let your targets suffer!

    Got an interview going on for new blood for the company this afternoon, so we’re reduced to text speak, but never mind! Can i say …Nuff Respect to Tottenham hotspur Carling Cup Winners 2008! COYS!

    sorry, had to do it!

    Love ya,


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